When it comes to keeping your home in the best condition possible, an 11-month warranty inspection is a must. 11-month warranty inspections happen before your builder’s warranty expires, so you can make any necessary claims while you still have coverage. If you have a newly-built home with a warranty, an 11-month inspection can help you find issues you wouldn’t usually notice.

What Do 11-Month Warranty Inspections Cover?

An 11-month warranty inspection covers everything from plumbing and electrical systems to structural components like walls and ceilings. An inspector will check for any flaws in your home’s construction, such as leaks or cracks that may have developed over time. They’ll also look for signs of wear and tear that could cause future problems, including water damage or insect infestations.

Why Is an 11-Month Warranty Inspection Important?

A thorough 11-month inspection can help you identify and address any issues before they become more significant problems or safety hazards. An inspector can also tell you if any of the covered components are near the end of their lifespan so that you can plan for any necessary repairs or replacements down the line. Additionally, an 11-month inspection provides your builder with a detailed report of all issues found in the home. It gives them one last chance to make any necessary repairs before their warranty expires.

Put, an 11-month warranty inspection is essential for homeowners who want to keep their homes in top condition and take advantage of the full extent of their builder’s warranty. With a detailed report on the state of your home, you can count on years of comfortable living and peace of mind.

When Should I Schedule an Inspection?

It’s recommended that you schedule an 11-month warranty inspection about ten months after your home was built. This will give you time to get an inspection appointment to inspect the covered components before your builder’s warranty expires. In addition, make sure to choose an experienced, certified inspector who is familiar with your local building codes and can provide a comprehensive report.

An 11-month warranty inspection is one of the best ways to ensure your home stays in great condition and that you take full advantage of your builder’s warranty. With a thorough inspection, you can have confidence that you’re getting the most out of your home for years to come.

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