Your home is where all of your most treasured things are, like your family members and your belongings. Unfortunately, if you don’t invest in making your home more secure, you could have your sense of peace shattered by a burglary. The best way to prevent theft and other crimes at your property is to take steps to improve home security.

Never Leave Items Around Your House That a Thief Could Use

Even if you improve home security in various ways, you should also focus every day on eliminating crimes of opportunity. Never leave things like ladders, crowbars, garden tools, or other items lying around outside that could quickly be used to break a window or enter your home. Beyond giving a burglar access to your home, these can make it harder to catch the perpetrator since the items used belonged to you.

Make Your Home Harder to Access

One creative way to improve home security while beautifying your property is by altering your landscape to make your home harder to access. Lock gates to make it harder for your home to be cased without the burglar jumping over the fence. Install thorny shrubs, hedges, and bushes outside, making it harder for burglars to climb over walls or get to your house.

Use an Alarm System to Improve Home Security

While alarms of the past were costly and required you to be locked into a long-term contract, there are many DIY options available today that are more affordable. For the most significant amount of flexibility, choose cameras and alarms that can be accessed through your phone so that you can easily activate or deactivate your system on the go.

Reinforce Sliding Glass Doors

Sliding glass doors are very convenient, but they are also an appealing target for many burglars, as they are easier to break into than a traditional front or side door. Add a glass break sensor or door sensor if you have the option in your home security system. To reinforce the door on a budget, you can improve home security by placing the window bar down or placing a dowel in the track for the door, so it can’t easily open.

Make Your Home Seem Occupied to Improve Home Security

Your home is typically most vulnerable when you are on vacation or away for an extended period. As you work to improve home security at your house, incorporate timers and other devices that make your home feel occupied when you are not there. If you have smart devices or light bulbs controlled through an app, you can remotely turn lights in your home on for a few hours a day to make it seem like someone is there. It is also best to pause all mail and deliveries until you return.

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